Discover Keelung from a local point of view
Immerse yourself in the Taiwanese way of life - work, live and discover Keelung
Discover Keelung

Get to know the culture and beautiful location of the harbour city in Keelung. Seek new inspiration as a digital nomad or creator

Who we are

We are a diverse group of enthusiasts from various backgrounds including geography, communication, anthropology, tourism, art, education, and history

What it is about

Experience Keelung's cultural lifestyle by living and working here. Choose your Workation style and immerse yourself into Taiwanese living

Why choose Keelung Workation Workspace?

Community and Collaboration

Join a diverse community of digital nomads. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and make lifelong connections in a supportive environment

Central location

Only 8’ walk from the city’s night market (link), 12’ from the train station. The city of Taipei is but a 40’ bus ride away

Local support

Our team is here to assist you with logistics, accommodation and ensuring your stay is productive and enjoyable

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in Keelung's rich culture, savor local cuisine and connect with friendly locals. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and explore
Your Workation could be...
Paid Workspace/ Accommodation use

  • Pay for the use of the workspace, or a combined package of accommodation and workspace
  • More flexibility with a traditional payment model
  • Choose the level of service that best suits your needs and budget

Volunteer and get discounts

  • Contribute your time and skills to the organization's ongoing projects or events in exchange for discounted rates on workspace and/or accommodation.
  • Save money while still enjoying the workspace and accommodation services.
  • Offering services in exchange

    • Participate actively in the organization's projects or initiatives
    • Exchange service for free accommodation and workspace use
    • Immerse yourself in the community, work on meaningful projects, to reduce expenses significantly