Overview about Keelung City

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Are you a digital nomad looking for an exciting destination in Taiwan? Or perhaps you are a creator seeking new inspiration? Either way, look no further than Keelung City!
Located on the northeastern coast of the island just a short distance away from Taipei, the harbor city of Keelung offers a unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty, as well as delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere.
Whatever your goal, Keelung can help you pursue it. High-speed internet connection, cozy cafes and an affordable cost of living make it an ideal choice for digital nomads, while creators can dive into its exquisite temples, breathtaking views, unexpected folklore and picturesque neighborhoods.
And after work? Discover Keelung’s natural surroundings, get lost in the flavors of traditional food at Miaokou Night Market and immerse yourself in a city that proudly retains its historical charm.
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Maritime Plaza

Located on Zhongyi Road in the lively Ren'ai District of Keelung City. Maritime Plaza is a vibrant meeting spot by the sea. Watch various kinds of birds catching fish and devouring their dinner near the ocean port. You can enjoy the cool ocean breeze there, making it perfect for a break from work. It's where nature and the city come together in a beautiful way. Bonus: this is absolutely free!

Zhengbin Port color houses

The beautiful buildings of the Zhengbin Port will transport you into a colorful world. When you lack inspiration or feel a bit off, why not pop over for a quick refresh? The houses are located in the Zhongzheng District heading towards Heping Island, in the northern part of Keelung city.

1.1.2 the riverside
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Keelung food scene

No visit to Keelung City would be complete without exploring its famous night market. Open 7 days of the week, Miaokou night market offers a wide variety of dishes at affordable prices. This is the place to go if you want to have fresh seafood coming right from the sea!

On rainy days; or if you want to avoid the crowd, you should give Ren'ai market a go. After taking the escalator to the 2nd floor, you will find many restaurants under cover. Seats are often readily available.

With countless food stalls and restaurants to choose from, Keelung City is sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

A various cuisine

There are so many things to eat in Keelung City. Where to start?

As appetizer, try some bites of San Chipai, a delicious fried chicken commonly found in the night market. For the main dish, perhaps a Ding Bian Cuo, a signature dish from Keelung, which consists of a rice-paste steamed on the edge of a wok with mushrooms, pork, shrimp, shredded bamboo and lily flowers. To finish on a sweet note, why not a Candy Cherry Tomato?

You can find all kinds of food at any time of the day to satisfy the weirdest of cravings; eel soup, braised pork rice, stinky tofu, Taiwanese burger, milk tea, bubble ice, western desserts... the possibilities are endless

A various cuisine