Keelung is quickly becoming a hub for digital nomads because of its convenient location, vibrant local culture and low costs of living. Keelung Workation is your easiest option for seamlessly integrating into the community, providing opportunities to meet and learn the local area through culture activities, liaison with locals, and resources to help you discover the community on your own. Keelung Workation guests have access to Keelung for a Walk’s back catalogue of physical documentation from nearly a decade of events, giving you a window into the history and living culture of this place.

If you want to learn more about Keelung, Keelung for a Walk’s blog is a great place to start. The discovery tab of this website gives you information about day-to-day life in Keelung, making sure you have everything you need to work and explore comfortably.

Compared with Western countries, the cost of living here is very low, and you’ll be able to eat well under NT$5 at a large number of restaurants within five minutes walking. Additionally, there is one of Taiwan’s best and most diverse night markets just 15 minutes walk away, with a huge selection of fresh foods every morning and evening. During the day, locals go to the indoor Ren’ai market which has food, goods, services, and is fully climate controlled. It is very common for Taiwanese people to never cook, but if you want to, the apartments have excellent cooking facilities. Fresh fruit and meat can be purchased at Xinyi Market, just a 3 minute walk on the other side of the river, and basic sundries like eggs and cereal can be purchased at Simple Mart across the street. The nearest supermarket, PX Mart, is a 10 minute walk away.

Keelung for a Walk

Keelung Workation is an initiative by Keelung for a Walk. We are a local association that promotes the city’s cultural heritage and traditions with walking tours and exhibitions throughout the year. Feel free to join our tours and meet all the people and creators who contribute to our exciting mission!

Our organisation strives to make local culture accessible to everyone, local people and foreigners alike. Join us to learn about our customs, traditions, history and people, and gain a deeper understanding of our city’s vibrant culture. We invite you to get to know the real people living in the city of Keelung, through their work, art, and contribution to the community. Our tours have reignited interest towards neglected areas of the city, bringing attention to old vendors and awaken nostalgia for the past.
Our organisation holds great esteem for tradition and local customs. We want to preserve oral history by collecting stories from older Keelung residents and sharing these experiences with the community. Keelung For a Walk has attracted younger generations of Keelungers to participate in cultural activities by offering tours to the youth, creating job/internship opportunities, and actively showcasing reasons to feel proud of Keelung’s past, present and promising future.