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Cafes for remote working in Keelung City

As a digital nomad, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial. Keelung City boasts excellent internet infrastructure, with numerous coworking spaces, cafes, and accommodation offering reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you need to join virtual meetings, upload large files, or stream content, Keelung City's robust internet network has got you covered.
De Jia Coffee
De Jia Coffee is located at Yisi Road which is less than ten minutes walk from our studio. It is a good space for digital nomads to work as the surrounding is bright with nice big tables, power sockets and free Wi-Fi. You won’t be disappointed with their beverages as they only use premium quality coffee beans and tea leaves. If you are hungry or in need of some refreshments, they offer savoury dishes and desserts too! However, their menu is only in Chinese, but don’t worry, they speak English so you will be able to communicate.
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Flow Cafe
There is that saying to “go with the flow”, if you are unsure about life or simply indecisive about where to go. In such occasions, Flow Cafe might be the fit for you. Located near Keelung Train Station, look out of the window and you will witness the imposing Zhongshanlu Bridge and the street view of Keelung. Flow Cafe offers free Wi-Fi and the interior is bright and comfortable. Bear in mind that on weekends, holidays and peak times during the week, they may limit the dining time to a maximum of 2 hours. There is no time limit at other times.
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Hermes Coffee Shop
When you simply want to lose yourself in a book, or just need a break and respite, Hermes is definitely the place to go. It’s a cute little shop but with great coffee on the table, a hidden gem among cafes in Keelung. The owner is kind of a craftsman and the coffee shop itself looks more like his workshop. While sitting at the table you can observe the owner skillfully removing defective beans from the batch he has just roasted – being one of the reasons why his coffee is so good. There is space for around 10 people at any one time. Still, you can connect to Wi-Fi while you wait for a seat.
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Sea to See Bookcafe
See to Sea Bookcafe is a distinctive local independent bookstore in Keelung. Its book selection focuses on maritime culture, Taiwanese history, and literature, with an emphasis on promoting Taiwanese picture books. The bookstore also integrates a coffee and dining space, hosting occasional local-themed lectures, collaborative events with local teams, and exhibitions. It is a bookstore rich in the cultural essence of Keelung.
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Acorn Coffee
Acorn Coffee is a business-oriented cafe located near Keelung Railway Station and Maritime Plaza, providing a space conducive to business activities and discussions. The café offers coffee, desserts and light snacks, making it suitable for bringing a laptop and spending an entire day working or meeting inside.
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And many more cafes to look for

Coffee culture in Keelung is not to be underestimated

Birdy House

Keelung’s time-honored coffee shop is also one of the shooting spots in the music video of the song "Landering". Stepping into the Bird's Nest Cafe is like going back to the 1970s. The retro furniture and furnishings are very eye-catching. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbour and the sea.

Loka Cafe

Loka Cafe, with its wide windows, gives you an intimate view on the cruise ships anchored in the port. Because of its location, Loka Café isn’t like downtown coffee shops full of noisy people. The atmosphere here is calm, perfect if your task requires you to stay focused.

Enzo Cafe

The most impressive feature of Enzo Cafe is its prominent exterior design. The pattern of the bricks covering the wall instantly differentiates itself from the rest of the building on the street. A perfect place for retro and minimalist lovers!