Hiking places in Keelung

Heping Island Park and Jiufen

Hiking trail in Heping Island Park
Short Summary

Distance: 3 km

Duration: 45 min

Elevation: to be done

Level: Normal

This hike is perfect for normal hikers that enjoy the brise of water during a walk. Note that you need pay for the entrance for the Heping Island Park in order to walk along the waterside. For more Information about the Hike you can get it from Keelung for a Walk.

Perched at 360 Pingyi Road in Zhongzheng District, Heping Island Park isn't just a park; it's a captivating eco-tourism destination for ocean enthusiasts. Prepare to bring your imagination along as you explore. The area boasts an array of distinct rock formations, sculpted by waves and tectonic shifts, with rocks resembling both animals and funny shapes. Nature's artistry shines. The park features ocean-fed pools, camper van accommodations, cozy cafes, free Wi-Fi, shared umbrellas, and more. Marine conservation efforts are prominently showcased on the first-floor display. Discover information and souvenirs to cherish. A holistic experience awaits amid nature's beauty​

Hiking trail in Jiufen
Short Summary

Distance: 4.5 km

Duration: 60 min

Elevation: 100 m up/ 400 m down

Level: Easy

To be done

Jiufen is surrounded by green mountains and there are several hiking options. A fascinating hike is to walk down from Jiufen to the coast on the Sanjian Road Trail. This trail is really easy and mostly goes down while the path is well signposted. The first part follows a paved walk inside the bush. It then moves to a road with almost no cars passing by, from which the surroundings are clearly visible. You will walk by the beautiful golden waterfall and end up at the coast from where you can see the remains of the 13 levels, the ruins of mining buildings from the Japanese era. Now covered by grass, they are an impressive example of past industrialization and are sometimes referred to as the Potala Palace of Mountain mines. Once you arrive at YinYang sea you can take a bus back, either to Jiufen or Keelung (788 or 791, around 1 hour).