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Reliable Internet Infrastructure

As a digital nomad, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial. Keelung City boasts excellent internet infrastructure, with numerous co-working spaces, cafes, and accommodations offering reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you need to join virtual meetings, upload large files, or stream content, Keelung City's robust internet network has got you covered.

And to grant you internet access while on the move, many companies offer affordable Sim and eSim plans for foreigners, with unlimited data and wide coverage area.

Affordable cost of living

Residing in Taiwan offers significant perks for digital nomads, especially because of its high level of safety and healthcare, all at a reasonable price. The average cost of a meal is around 90 TWD. You can find a meal from 7-Eleven that includes food and drink for that price. If you prefer Western cuisine, options like McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King are conveniently accessible, either through Uber or a short distance away. This would cost around 150 TWD per meal, which is fairly affordable.

Getting around Keelung City

Keelung city center is most accessible within walking distance, and wandering through its narrow alleys always reserve a lot of surprises. For longer distances, Keelung is covered by an efficient public transportation system, with a capillary network and high-frequency runs that makes it easy for digital nomads to explore the surroundings. For seamless travel, get an EasyCard - a versatile smart card enabling easy fare payment across modes. It comes in diverse and appealing designs, from Hello Kitty keychains to artistic motifs, adding an extra touch of charm

Keelung for a walk tour

Explore Keelung by foot! Check out 'Keelung for a walk' Private Walking Tour for various walking tour options. Delve into the Temple Tour to uncover traditional Keelung and its significant religious practices; immerse yourself in Taiwanese daily life. Join the Ghost Festival Tour to experience the unique traditions of the August celebration in Keelung. And don't miss the Food and Drink Tour—indulge in Taiwan's must-eat delights!

Emergency contact information

Before exploring Keelung City, save important contact information on your phone, including the contact information of the local emergency services and those for your embassy or consulate. It is always better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Police Offices
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