The City of Keelung and my time there

2023/7/23~8/13 stayed at Keelung Workation.

My time in Keelung was an experience of wondrous sights, warm hearted and welcoming people, and flavorsome food. It was an awesome place for me to visit in Taiwan to embrace local culture and the authentic livelihood  of the Taiwanese people. Whether it was hiking mountains on tours, eating food at the night market, or learning about the ceremonial processions and history of Keelung, everything held a special distinct element about it that left me feeling culturally enriched. It is a place I would recommend to travelers to Taiwan for a more indepth feel of the country and its nature – personally I loved it and would love to come back! 

在基隆的時光是一個充滿驚奇景色、熱情友好的人們和美味食物的體驗。對我來說,這是在台灣探索當地文化和臺灣人民真實生活方式的絕佳之地。無論是參加山上的旅遊、在夜市品嘗美食,還是了解基隆的祭典遊行和歷史,每一件事都具有特別獨特的元素,讓我感受到豐富的文化。這是我會推薦給來台灣的旅行者的地方,可以更深入地感受這個國家和它的自然 – 就我個人而言,我非常喜歡,並希望能再次回來!